Little Crystal Paints sells Face and Body Paints supplies in Singapore.
These are the highly pigmented paints whereby professional uses for their work to create vibrant works.

TAG Body Art Paints
Professional waterbased high pigment makeup
Has excellent coverage, maintaining brightness, with lighter colours clearly showing, when used over darker colours. Paints are non toxic, sking safe and made with FDA approved ingredients.
Simple to use, easy to remove.
MSDS Available upon request.

Note: Some of photos/screen may not fully capture the real colour tone, thus I did this to help a bit.

(All palettes comes with 2 brushes)

Regular Palette - $98
(Yellow. Pink, Lt. Green, Green, Brown, Black, White, Orange, Red, Lt. Blue, Blue, Purple)

Metallic/Neon Palette - $128
(Pink, Gold, Silver, Green, Blue, Purple + N.Pink, N.Orange, N.Yellow, N.Green, N.Blue, N.Purple)

Metallic Palette - $68
(Pink, Gold, Silver, Green, Blue, Purple )

Neon Palette - $68
(Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple).

Skin Palette - $58
(Various shade of beige and earth colours)


Regular Rainbow cake 56g - $35
Neon Rainbow cake 56g - $38
Metallic Rainbow cake 56g - $38 (OOS)
Mini Regular Rainbow cake 30g - $36

Mini split cakes
4 colours split - $28
3 colours split - $25


White 30g - $15
White 90g - $42
The strong and opaque white which can be painted over other colours!

Yellow 30g - $15
The normal yellow (Not lemon yellow, not dirty yellow)
Tip: Mix with the UV yellow if you want a bright lemony yellow!

Golden Orange 30g - $15
Yellow with a hint of orange in it, slightly brighter than ochre yellow.
Good for lion, cats, animals as compared to the normal yellow.

Orange 30g - $15
A very bright orange!

Red 30g - $15
An essential colour for Mr Spiderman!

Berry Wine 30g $15
 A nice interesting colour which can create wonders as long as you are willing to use it.

Pink 30g - $15
The all time Favourite! Esp for girls!

Lilac 30g - $30
Another sweetie colour, but the photo doesn't really justify it!
(Photo looks grey blue but it's actually just lilac colour... aka very light purple)

Purple 30g - $15
Nice bright purple, really nice!

Navy Blue 30g - $15
Deep navy blue!

Royal Blue 30g - $15
A nice blue which is not as deep as the navy blue.

Light Blue 30g - $15
This is a must buy! A sweetie blue so nice that it brightens up whatever you painted!

Powder Blue 30g - $15
Pastel blue, think of our natural blue sky..

Teal 30g - $15
It's actually an interesting turquoise.
If you know the right colour to mix, it makes you stand out from the crowd.

Light Green 30g - $15
Pretty sweetie bright green, makes your leaves pops!

Medium Green 30g - $15
The true green! Also another basic colour.
Brown 30g - $15
Can't escape if you do plenty of animals, also part of the skin palette.

Black 30g - $15
Black 90g - $42
The Perfect Black! (Do an outline with this and you'll know what I meant.)

*Note: While you may still use UV  paints under normal light,
they actually really stands out under UV/black light.

UV Pink 30g - $20

UV Orange 10g - $12
UV Orange 30g - $20

 UV Yellow 10g - $12
UV Yellow 30g - $20

UV Green 10g - $12
UV Green 30g - $20

UV Blue 10g - $12
UV Blue 30g - $20

UV Purple 10g - $12
UV Purple 30g - $20

UV Magenta 30g - $20

INDIVIDUAL - PEARL / METALLICNOTE: Different metalli/pearl colours have different pricing due to cost.

Pearl White 30g - $25
A good shimmery base.
Very versatile, can add this to any regular colour and make them into shimmery colours.

Pearl Red 30g - $22
The shimmery red which looks red and not pink
(Many pearl red in the market were not very 'true' red, but this one is)

Pearl Rose 30g - $20
Such a shimmery rosey colour! A must have in the kit too.

Pearl Lilac 30g - $25
Another Sweet one like the Pearl Rose

Pearl Orange 30g - $20
Shimmer tiger anyone?

Pearl Yellow 30g - $20
Very shimmery, lemonish yellow.

Pearl Lime Green 30g - $25 (OOS)
Very refreshing and 'recycling' feeling.. You know 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' green..

Pearl Green 30g - $20
Cool metallic green, you'll need to see the painted effects of it.
So sold that it's a must-have in my kit too.

Pearl Blue 30g - $20
As cool and solid as the Pearl Green, good for dolphins too.

Pearl Copper 30g - $20
Copperish Copper, add some of this to your animals/dogs and make the design pops!

Pearl Old Gold/Bronze 30g - $20
Antique look? Adding accents, suitable for painting animals! Great for lineworks!

Pearl Gold 30g - $20
Gold shimmery base, works especially well for those with warm skin tone.

Pearl Silver 30g - $20
Silver, good for cobwebs, robots, (Ben 10 OMITRIX/Power Rangers)
A perfect substitute for grey.

Pearl Black 30g - $20
Smokey Smokey shine? Instead of Spiderman, do a cool Venom instead.

(For the Individual colours)

Customised stencils for your events - Please email your details to us.

Little Crystal Hair Blings - $20 per pack
VERY NEW AND HOT IN USA, CANADA, Japan and Korea now!
Add some sparkles to your hair to complete that look!
You can cut it into either 8 or 12 strips or even more if you doesn't use a full strip for those with short hair.
We are providing this service and We are carrying them too! Hair Salons welcomed for orders.
It's exactly the same brand which we are carrying!!!

Glitter Tattoo sets
Professional set - $138/set
Inclusive of 30 reusuable stencils, 20 pots of glitter, 2 glue, 1 glue refill, 1 big brush and 1 small brush, 1 oil remover
(Can be up to 100++ applications)

DIY Party set - $98/set
Inclusive of 20 reusuable stencils, 15 pots of glitter, 2 glues, 1 big brush and 1 small brush
(Can be up to 60++ applications)