How many can you paint in an hour?

This is one SUPER FAQ... I normally reply about 3-6 mins?
To me, every paintee deserves something nice and special. I take my face painting job seriously and I want my artwork to be nicely done.
There's someone who asked me.. "Can you paint 100 kids in 2 hours?"
Do a simple sum and that's like 1 kid per 1min..
But the thing is, more often than not, the kid would have taken more than that amount of time to settle down and decide what they want.
I can easily paint just 1 flower in less than 1 min, (OR, perhaps I get my payment first, then ask Every KID to stand in a row, start taking a stamp and 'chop chop chop...' ) BUT is that what the paintee wants?

"I thought face paintings are just for kids..."

Not really, we can paint anyone who wants to be painted.
Take a quick look at those whom we've drawn, from toddlers, children, ladies, gentlemen to the elderlys..
We've also drawn on people who attend parties, D&Ds, even weddings, models, photoshoots, shows..

"Will you leave on the dot if the hours end but there are still people queuing for the service?"

Many people hired our services, thinking that only some of their guests will want to have face/body painting, thus hiring the min time/package even when they have quite a bit of guests. That's very understandable, that what I'll most probably do too...
But the thing is, we always ended up with unstoppable queues. (Even the ones who insisted that he/she doesn't want to be drawn will either come forward too after seeing others having it or be 'encouraged' by the parents)

While we doesn't mind some slight over time in order not to disappoint anyone, but this is also subjected to our availability (in case that we have something on, Eg: to rush for the next session) AND also as long as we are not hired for min hours and expected to do free for another hour..

To prevent such issues from happening, we normally have some discounts to encourage people to hired the service for longer hours (eg:thru the event) other wise, there will be fees for last min extension (which is also subjected to avialabilty)

Thus, do hired us based on the number of people you have (Eg: Buffer in some adults too). In this way, our slots are 'chuuped' by your timing (that's the reason for the discounted rates when hiring us for longer hours) and we can't 'run away'...

"Why some of the painters can charge really cheap?"

We are professional painters, not students freelances to earn extra money for short term, buys a small kit and have passes for tranportation.
All the materials and supplies are imported and they are not the cheap, low quality paints.
We uses only top quality, professional face/body imported from UK, US and Australia. The paint can easily be washed off with water, wet wipes or normal soap.

They are all meant for cosmetic use, manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations, non-toxic, free of any hazardous materials. The suppliers had invested millions into research, development, and follow the required steps to ensure a safe industry for face/body paintings.  
(The cost for a single colour of the paint we're using is the price of what some freelancers bought locally for their full set of colours!)

There are incidents whereby some tried to pushed their luck and quote us $X amount for just a ONE hour job. Think about it, app 1 hr of  preparation/transportation time to the venue, 1 hr job + overtime + packing time, and another 1 hrs of coming back. Then the washing and cleaning of everything at home. On top of that high quality materials and 2 way cab fare cost.. About 4 hrs for $X amt??

Other than that, we have a few cases of last min jobs from various agencies/companies whose initial painters did not turn up last min. Being an event organiser, would you like to take such risks?

'Non-toxic' paint alone does NOT mean safe for the skin..

Craft products such as acrylic paint, poster colours, markers, or anything that does not indicate “safe for the skin” should not be used on you or your children. These products can cause an allergic reaction such as a rash, itching, and possibly damage to your skin.

Craft glitter is made of metal and is not intended to be used on the skin. The glitter we uses are made of polyester and safe for cosmestic use.
(Sad to say, many are ignorant of these and there are people who uses craft glitter from bookstores for glitter tattoo)

Why choose us?

We provide the best entertainer at a competitive rate. (despite that our cost is actually many times of the others).
We want to do face painting for long term, thus we doesn't buy cheap paints, charge cheaply, simply paint and then leave on the dot.
We do NOT risk your event by simply outsourcing the service to any one else (yes, there are many who simply outsource the service to the cheapest available painter to attend to your events)

Our talents are in-house, you know who you are hiring, the skills and quality which we are providing and best of all, without paying extra for the same service when you hire us directly.