12 November 2011

HTC - Glitter Tatto and Nail Art

We were hired by an event agency for HTC to do Glitter Tattoo and Nail Art for HTC product launch.
It was customised Glitter Tattoo and Nail Art, whereby crystals were pretty intensively used (Including Swarouski Crystals)

One was held at a nice carousel outside Knightsbridge, the other was at Velvet Underground..
Both were my 1st time there! hahah I doesn't go to Knightsbridge for shopping and I doesn't go clubbing.

I had a hard time trying to look for the correct toilet to go to at Velvet Underground..
It was so dark and full of mirrors that I was thinking that IF I'm totally sober and find it hard to find the correct toilet, I wondered how many can find the correct toilet after a few drinks.. ;p


See the blueish Nail colour? It's actually specially done to match HTC's phone - Rhyme.. And the booth, etc..


The talents serving includes my 2 good friends who were award winning nail technicians... Joey and Erica who have won in various Local and International Nail Competitions too!!


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