12 November 2011

Gymfest 2011

It's Gymfest 2011, time flies.. I remember my very first time to paint for these Nanyang Primary School kids was last year..

They won the Most Creative team last year and was the one team to be sent to Lausanne in Switerland this year for the 14th World Gymnastrada.

I was hired to paint them when they complete in the Inter school competition. Went with them to Switerland, paint them again for their various performances in school during National day and also recently whereby they had some VIP in, etc..

Today, it's Gymfest 2011, 1 year since.. Now a bit well trained to paint all the 30++ kids with help from a few parents to do the hair tying and makeup foundation.. Even the kids are well trained too already..

Swarouski crystals were used in the design too! I love crystals! (Coz I can't afford diamonds..) hahahahhaha

The ultra macho boys, everybody clapped and cheer for them when they did their human wheels and erh, I don't know what it's call.. Flying somersaults?

And here's the girls showing their photos found in the the gymfest notebook..

Pretty Megan!

They won the Best Costume award this time round :) Well done kids!

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