09 October 2011

Sunday Times

At 9+am on a Sunday, while I was lazing on my bed, I received an SMS from a friend to inform me that I appeared on Sunday Times..

Then in another while, another good entertainer friend of mine, Welles Tan (Expert in Caricature and Silhoette cutting, a veteran in our events line) SMSed me to inform me that I appeared on Zao Bao...

Hahaa.. and then, after years of not buying newspaper, we managed to get that last set of Sunday Times at neighbour shop.. (apparently, I doesn't read newspaper, only watch news or read those news which appeared on the front page of the search engines..)

And I received more SMSes to inform me and 'Congrat' me, and even my ex-colleague sending me a nicer resolution of the newspaper as he subscribed to online News Paper..

Mary too post a link on my facebook...

Hmmm, a bit overwhelming, some are friends I haven seen for years, some are clients... coz I'm generally a quiet person who doesn't really talk that much...
Thus! I Really appreciate those friends who saw and informed me. Really really appreciated them.. (Or you, if you are one of them and reading this...)

(Cropped from the Online Version sent by Teck Long)

(Scanned from the Sunday Times - 9th Oct 2011)
Pic taken when Dr Amy Khor was interested in learning about Pebble Art

(Saved from the link given by Mary - one of our painters too..)
This, is a very rare pic, coz I've long cut my hair short for almost 1 yr.
This pic was taken when I was do a demo on body decorative art at People Association HQ

Scanned from ZaoBao on 9th Oct 2011 

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