08 October 2011

Pebble Art Lesson with Dr Amy Khor and also showcase at Hyatt Hotel

Today, I had a special guest with me.. It's Dr Amy Khor...

Can you spot Jacelyn Tay?

Dr Khor's painted pebble. She's a very fast learner despite these were her very 1st tries..

And here's just 2 days later after Dr Khor painting session..

Dr Khor is the GOH for 'She Can Have It All' Seminar held at Hyatt Hotel...
Here's Dr Khor posing with her very own painted pebbles and also little pebble as a token painted for Dr Khor...


Mary and myself (We take every chance to take picture with 'ourselves' when we sees the panel behind..) HAhahah...
And 3 'Charlie Angels' from Hong Kah North..


Me and some of my work..

Pebble Art by Katherine from Little Crystal Paints
(Yes, with crystals incorporated into my designs as usual..)

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