23 September 2011

Short film on Zombies by Hosaywood

It's way before Halloween, but Katherine had a interesting 'job'..
Hosaywood Director Jacen Tan is filming a short film on zombies...


It's a low budget one, but guess who are the main leads?
Alaric and Benjamin

The rest are the 'zombies'... Here's Harriet.. She is doubling up as a new bitten zombie, official photographer for the short film.. and a more seasoned zombie...

And see what are the rest of the zombies doing when the main leads are acting their roles...

 Posing.., Glazing at ceiling, Busying taking photos and doing faces.. 

Another zombie whom we thought he looked like.... 'L'  (from Death Note movie)


And zombified 'L' loves... 'Hello Panda' biscuits...
(If you've watched DeathNote, you prob can remember how 'L' eats....) 

"No need to fight... There's enough 'Hello Panda' biscuits for zombies.."

Here's Wei Ting.. such pretty and gentle zombie!!

And... some zombies are just so funny!

'Sexy' zombie posing...

Who says Zombie can't act cute?... (Photo from Harriet)

Hi-tech zombies whose mobile never leaves their hands... (Photo from Harriet)

That's all for now.. can't wait to see the comedy horror short film!!

This is a Low cost Horror Comedy film from Hosaywood..
No animals or humans were harmed or zombified in the process of making this short film...
Only paints and food colourings were 'sacrificed'....

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