26 May 2011

Pebble Art for Singapore Zoo

Here's are some samples of Pebble Art for Singapore Zoo event workshop.

Artist: Katherine
Models: Pebbles of all shapes and sizes!



And.. while I'm not a professionl photographer, doesn't even have a SLR.. though I do wished to get one.. I do like to take some pictures with my dummy camera too ;p
Anyone willing to sponsor me a SLR and also teach me how to take nice picture are greatly welcomed! HAhahaha!

Artist: Katherine, Photographer: Katherine, Concept: Katherine
Models: Pebbles, and my little plants..

Tiger in my garden..

Roaming zebras...

Pebble and the Chipmunk.

A tree under a Tree! (My lime tree actually..)

Pandas in my Garden (of weeds!!!)

The sun is simply too hot in Singapore, my Pandas need to hide in the shade too!

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