21 April 2011

Nanyang Primany School Gymnastic team @ Interschool Competition 2011

Hired by Celine - a very very on parent volunteer who actually support her daughters' school gym team... She provided her precious time, and support the school financially... from sponsoring Polo shirts, banners, hiring myself to buying appreciation gifts for the instructors.

Here's Megan and Joelle, you've prob seen them as models for my Chingay 2011.

I, am so glad that I'm not in the gymnastic... looking at their rubber band bodies, stretchings, splits, arm stands, etc... I almost faint...

Here's some of them doing the 'Beam'...

The 'Floor' routine...

The 'Jumping board' (I forgotten what's the actual name!) but look at how they 'FLY!'..

And the 'Bars', (just look at the stunts!)

And the whole team won GOLD! (And many other individual categories, will post when I got some more photos from Celine)
Amazing girls and boys! Good job Keep it Up!

I'm still happy with my painting job... coz I really can't imagine myself doing any of the above.. doubt I'll still be in one piece..

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