04 May 2011

Hey.. there were people reading my postings..!!!!

All along as I blogged, I never really believed that people will bookmark my site, or really bothered to read my postings.. etc..

Until when I started selling paints, I realised that there are fellow painters reading my blog.
I also have got some clients reading bout my blog and they actually tell me bout the postings I wrote...

And, one day, my sis told me...
"You didn't update your blog for very long liao hor??"
I replied, "Yes, how you know?"
"Because my colleague got go and read your blog..."

Wow! That suddenly 'wake' me up... I checked.. I didn't blog anything for end March and Whole of Apr!

Hmmm... Nice ah, at least people bothered to read my site a bit.. :) Brightens up my day a bit, at least someone bothered to see what I do..

Anyway, I will go find some photos, I doesn't really take pictures in every single job.. maybe coz I'm too busy or didn't bring my camera.. Plus, I've already got more than 150 postings in this site..

Other than some usual face painting... Apr I have some more unusual jobs.. like painting easter eggs.. and helping to do some simple styling for some very nice and talented gymnastic girls from Nanyang Primary.. Wait til I post the photos up, lookin at the way they compete in gymnastic, the stunts, stretching, etc, I'm so glad I'm not in gymnastic.. would have broken all my bones I guess...

Coming May, ya GE... I'm too engrossed looking at Facebook, Youtubes, Mrbrown.com and mrbrownshow.com
Go and view if you are free, quite interesting..

GE.. so many parties... but guess the party I'm most interested in???


It's Birthday PARTY! HAhaha.. (Birthday Parties are the ones feeding me now..)

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