30 March 2011

Dinosaur theme Birthday Party

Here I am again as a repeat client's house... This time.. It's a Dinosaur themed party!
While occasionally I do post a bit on how the host organise their themed party.. But this time, I find that I really take my hat off this host! Just look at how detailed and well planned the party is!!!! I'm more a less a detailed person to certain extend.. Thus I really appreciate how this mummy does the party!

From the entrance even before you goes into the house.. to the sitting/pinic mat (which
actually has lotsa dinosaurs toys/figurines on it)

To the table setups..

To the goodie bag, games, deco of the playhouse..

To 'life size' inflatbles... and flying dino deco..

Even the toilet has the T-Rex deco by the sink!!! Not to mention the Dino Pinata and also Dino clay craft!

And here's the cake!!! (see the size from the 2nd pic!)

And here's some of the guests, the host and also the golden retriever who was busy eating up the broken eggs (from the game the children were playing...)

Of coz, there were other stuffs like T-rex hats, and more deco within the house, dinosaur related games and quizzes... Really loved the way the host runs the party! She should be a party planner!

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