05 February 2011

3rd Day of Chinese New Year

It's the 3rd day of CNY! Here's a very nice host who hired us to entertain her guests and company staff...

The venue, is a very interesting one.. The lift doesn't moves vertically.. Guess my horror when the lift 'jerked' 45 degree up! And the lift opened right at her doorstep, serving her unit! Like cable car right at your doorstep leh!

Needless to say, the place is very nice, even though I didn't get to tour thru the place, but there's a mini threatre, own gym, playroom for her two daughters, even the daughters' wardrobe is a big walk-in wardrobe.. or rather, it looks more like a display rack handing with nice clothings you see in shopping boutique!

As you all probably can see my designs, they are very much customised to each individual based on their clothing/personality..

Happy Rabbit Year!!!  And Dragon girl (with a 'Fa' word on her arm too) coz she wanna win her boss (aka the host) in mahjong!

Hua Kai Fu Gui!

Cheng Shuang Cheng Dui, Nian Nian You Yu

Happy like Kitty, Pretty like Barbie

And yes, Patrick was doing balloons and you can see the area we were at.. carpeted personal gym with sound system cum playroom for the kids!

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