12 February 2011

Chingay 2011

Little Crystal Paints were doing face and body painting for Chingay 2011, PA got Talent - Art Streets.
That's something new from our usual community events, children parties, D&Ds, etc...

Overall everything is pretty successful!

Many thanks to the girls (from left) => Rachel, Joelle, Megan and Nicole.

Thanks to Megan's mum Celine for helping to coordinate with the girls and the mums, for bring them down to the site, food, etc..

Thanks to Nicole's mum Linda for helping to sew the cute little tulle skirts for the girls. A wonderful job! (And it's the 1st time she's trying to sew a skirt!)

Of coz, many thanks to the girls' mums for allowing them to be the models!
And of coz, not forgetting Patrick and Mary for helping with so many things, carrying all the stuffs, setting up booth, doing the hair, and cleaning up the mess (Apparently.. I'm the one who create a mess after painting and they are the one who are helping me to pack as I ran after the kids..)

Chingay Day 1
2 Little Cuties, Rachel and Nicole sharing Katherine's Shawl while waiting in the cold room!

Joelle playing with her feathered headpice.. Megan waiting for some touch up, and Rachel being painted...

Megan => Peacock/Green Theme
Joelle => Butterfly/Black Theme
Rachel => Daisies/Colourful Theme
Nicole => Tao Hua/Pink Theme

The girls getting ready to 'work' and also posing at the big red Chingay Bag..

Taking picture with the adults model who are painted by Shawn from Pathz 

Meeting Mr PM Lee.. who joked with the girls on the sweets..

Of coz.. it's not just all work..
Girls wanna have fun too! And they are doing some handicrafts at the booths too..

Chingay Day 2

Almost forgotten to take picture of these angbao basket made by Katherine's mum for this event.. The baskets were actually meant for selling to those who order lanterns/basket/CNY angbao crafts from Kat's mum.

Here's Mary, the 'official hair dresser' for our job this time.. (she is also our face painter, glitter/airbrush artist, nail artist.. )
Not bad when you have partners who are multi-talented!

All of us busy at work...


And... hmmm the Un-Glam artist...
(that's what happen when there's a need to rush for time, to do another thing 1st.. and to prevent the brush from 'missing' among the 'mess'...)

And when the last girl finally done too...

Here's our SM, Mr Goh.. and the girls were back busy working, mingling, photo-taking and distributing sweets to the public.

On top of doing the art.. We actually have a booth too..
It was to encourage kids to do face/body painting at the community centres.

Patrick was there early to do the demo.. and later Mary joined in too!

Can you recognise this little pretty girl in white dress???
(She is the one who walk up the stairs and pass the 'Kong Ming lantern' to Mr Nathan during Chingay.)

And all of us were trying to do in a 'mini video' for PA to promote PA course by saying 'PA Got Talent'...
Haha... not very perfect nor in sync as the girls were pretty shy ;p

And the Megan.. who is so happy with her Tiger and heart shaped balloons she got from one of the booths!

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