19 December 2010

Christmas Party @ CCK CC

Merry Christmas! Here we are hired by one of our repeated clients. Theme was Christmas! It's my favourite season of the year!

I've actually brought my Santarina costume along, but people were asking when we were setting up, thus decided to get on with painting straight away.

Why? Because the residents were buying coupons to get painted at 50cents per design! Not the usual FOC for All... and, the very first customer is a grandfather! After which he got his daughters to come and paint too!

Anyway, I think despite the paying and buying (at very nominal amt).. I think this is the most well organised Xmas event by CC so far, plenty of activities inside the hall, and also out of the hall! Selling of drink, ice-cream, flea market.. Xmas trees deco competition, line dancing corners.. It's sure gets everyone going around in a Christmasy mood!


The all time favourite design for the day, and the very last kid who finally got his design painted after all events ended!

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