17 January 2011

Brian's Workshop!!!

After 1 yr of painting with self learned skills and trying to paint things as pretty as possible..

I finally took a course by Brian Wolfe from USA to learn the Pretty Scary and Pretty Horrible stuffs...

Fellow painters Queenie, Anna were there, and also Stephenie who flew all the way from Japan to join in the class!

Here's some demo from Brain.. He's a Genius!!! A very funny guy who made the lesson very enjoyable (even though I'm a quiet student) He has great talent, speedy fingers and of coz.. he is celebrity in face/body painting industry!

Here we are doing a joint project on prosthetics...
Smelly latex, but we had a very very brave model, Christy


See the pictures above? While we were busy learning (or playing) with prosthetics.. A pig brought by Anna wasn't 'spared' by Brian too..

A pretty lady who was transformed into.. erh.. green monster?

Face painting is not just 'Plucking paint and designs from the sky', must study too... 

And here's the part I wanted to learn!!! Special Effects!
Hahhaa... Look what I 'DID' to myself..
Bruises.. Scratches.. Cuts.. Slashes.. Zits and Mosquitoe bites... 

Even 'Sewed the wound' myself...

Oh.. And I showed it to my mum... scared her and kanna scolding when she 1st saw..

Prob do that again and walk along Orchard Rd... kekekeke.... 

Another interesting part of the lesson.. Body Painting guided by Brian.

Kelvin's Back: Left side is painted by Anna, Right side by Priscella
Kelvin's Front: Left side is painted by Carol, Right side by Stephenie
Chris's Front by Queenie
Chris's Back by Katherine

It's my 1st official time to try and paint body.. actually had painted once before during the 2010 World Cup at Resort World, but difference is that, the one was very adhoc.. coz that time a guy just came up and say he wanna draw his back to support Netherland and also to try and win an Ipad in a 'Best Dress Fan' contest.. (Which he did won..)

Anyway.. The theme was 'Face/portrait' with 'Picture within Picture..' (Try to see the above.. everybody's work had something within something...)

Can you mine too? I've got flowers in horns, nose, chin.. and also a cobra within my dragon.


Brian, Chris and Me...

And most of us.. (Pricislla is missing coz she's the camera lady..)

Here are some other body painting by Brian himself.. amazing work!
And Queenie and Pris busy having fun at killing each other...

Daring Anna who always love green... and the creatures who doesn't spare their creator...

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