20 November 2010

Nanyang Primany School Gymnastic team @ GymFest 2010

Had this interesting job hired by a parent at Nanyang Primary School. Her daughter, Megan is part of the Gymnastic team and they are performing at Gym Fest 2010.

The very initial design as per requested was to paint up the kids to look like the YOG Mascot.
My eyes almost popped out when I heard it was to be white face like the YOG Mascot, then with big eyes, muzzle.. etc..
We did a trial and oh my.. they looked like clowns! (Afterall, cartoon is cartoon and it's simply too weird to have an oversize eyes 4 times our own eyes, with a buttoon nose and muzzle..)

Somehow we changed the designs to make it look more elegant with a twist.. and the kids love it too! Blue and White theme for Merly, and the Orangy Red for Leo...
We even had Swarouski crystals on the design itself, the parents done up their hair too! We just painted the girls' hair to enhance the blue and white..
The only challenge was to make everyone look as similar as possible, Art is afterall Art and Hand painted on a skin canvas with different size and features.. As there's time available, we painted their arms too..

Anyway, one of the cute little girl Megan was so happy with her designs that she told her mum "Mummy please hired them for my Birthday!!!"

Thank you Celine (Megan's mum) and Cheng Jun (Cheng Xi's dad) for the photos!


The coaches and the team. And also their performance..

And... Guess what..
They WON the Most Creative Award!!!!!


Well Done! And all the Best in all your upcoming competitions!

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