10 November 2010

Baba Bling at Paris - Musée du Quai Branly (MQB)

As some of you had been receiving my out of town auto email reply when you emailed me, here's where we were for that 2 weeks. We were lucky enough to be sent to Paris by the nice NHB people from ACM and TPM for face/body art in this Musée du Quai Branly (MQB)

This MQB is pretty new and it's actually almost a stone-throw from Eiffel tower.

Our 1st day of orientation at MQB

There was great publicity in Paris itself
See the giantic poster on the building (picture taken from our bus on the way to the hotel)
And this auto strolling roadside poster (picture taken along the street...)

Welcome to Baba Bling...

Our Singapore President - Mr Nathan came for the event too! (What an irony, I never got a chance to meet him when I was in Singapore, not even when I visited the Istana for a few times..)

And Mrs Nathan, she is very soft spoken, but very very nice and have this 'air' of kind of motherly warm.

Mr and Mrs Nathan were pretty interested in the the Kerosangs


Our booth...

We have 3 themes.. for various days
One of them is Peranakan motifs.. You know, Butterflies, Lotus..  

Qilin, Dragon..

Prosperity fishes, Longevity cranes, Phoenix, 'Pivoine' (Peony in French..) and many others...

Here's Shirley, she's from the travel agency who is in charge of our travel details in this project.

And Lucinda, she's our first customer for the 2 theme.. Peranakan Jewelleries..

And SK, he's from an event agency in charge of running the event and also our logistic needs..

A 'Birds & Flowers' Peranakan style necklace.. Kerosang, Bracelets, Butterfly pendants, etc..

The Peranakan style Star Brooch.. (and a funny camera man from the musuem)

and this boy, wants a flower chain on his forehead like his sister too! Cute!

Then our last theme - Baba and Nonyas
Here's a motif inspired by the Batik sarong cloth..

The Nonya Tradtional basket, Tingkat and Kusu Manak (Peranakan beaded shoes)

And the crowd.. Many came here repeated.. (Many also came here with the designs painted 1-2 days before!!!!) Amazing.. because while we had 'so-very-often' heard bout people telling us that they will not bear to wash away our design after we had painted them... We always take that as people being nice to us for our work. But then, in Paris, we REALLY had MANY who came back with the designs!

Don't believe about people coming back??
Here's a mother of 5 kids.. She came on the 3rd day of the musuem open house.. She been here for 6 days! (I didn't take her picture on the 1st day, but here are some of the days.)

And she is very kind, she gave us cookies..

Here's Emilie, I love this pretty lady, she speaks very good English...
And she's very funny, she came on the 1st day, drew her arm, then on the 2nd day, she came back to me with the design still on her left arm!! And she showed me how she bath with 1 arm up... slept with the design and asked me to 'repair' the smudge design.. Haha.. ver cute.. anyway, I got her to wash off and redrew for her instead.

She is also the interpreter/guide for our President during his visit at the museum.
Her arm design is based on her belt design...

And the photo on the right is taken the next the day when the President comes, and guess what? She keep the arm design and even worn the same belt to match (and she requested for the same design from her day 1 on the other arm) How could I not love this cute and pretty lady!!!

Another nice interpreter, she also treat us some nuts.

Musem facilitator, Elodie(left photo) and Charlotte(right photo), the lady from MQB for this event.

And this is Ai Lee, she's a very refined lady, very demure hor?
Closeup of her Kebaya inspired design painted on her arm.

Famous Bebe Seet and her team of beading experts, and also Tony from Main Wayang for the wedding procession! He looks gorgeous doesn't he?

Osman from Seni Kraf doing the batik demo and me having fun with batik painting...

While we were busy working thru the 6 hours (and breaking our back)

This is our face painting booth interpreter - Janie. She's very helpful, really appreciate her help thru the event! She also bought us Big Yummy Macarons!

Big lor.. with fruits some more!!!

Our 'gifts' from varous interpreters who knew that we worked 6 hrs non stop every day!

And these gifts are from 2 sibling..
A cute little girl named Calypso and her elder brother Tirouan

Here's the 2 main ladies who made the event a success! Charlotte from Paris MQB and Barbara from Singapore TPM.
And another picture...Nothing related, but this cute little baby was crawling around and I can't help not to look at him!

And the whole group of vendors, facilitators, student interpreter helpers, and some Singaporean who were staying in Paris.

Here's me, braving the cold to take a phote of Effiel tower because I've promised the tailor aunty who made my Kebaya to take a picture of me in the Kebaya for her...

Some other nice places..
And somehow, I think once a while we should give some credit to the horse too...

The Lourve...

Close up of the nice architecture..

(and more pictures coming soon!)

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