01 October 2010

Jam On @ ACM

ACM turns into a rock 'n' roll venue for one night only. Featuring Rubberband, DFC(Da Feng Chui), Ang Mo Pai and Electrico.

Here's the poster we did up for ACM for the public to choose, based on the requests for customised designs to be painted for the Jam On @ ACM!

Welles is here at ACM too, this time doing the Caricuture! He was doing Silhouette Cutting the previous time at ACM when we met. Check out his sites. He is the most helpful artist I ever met during my various events. Very experienced, and versatile with both hands! He even had a chance to go to for oversea work in Bangkok. So don't play play ya...

Singapore Famous Multi Talent Entertainer! (See see.. 2 hands artist!!)
Pic is 'stolen' from Welles website.

And here's one member from Da Feng Chui! (From Superband contest), OK, specials guest so they chose some other designs..
Lovely pretty Yvonne from ACM!

Phoenix and Lotus motif and Dragon.. this time painted on this guy's head! Really appreciate his trust in me to 'vandalised' on his head...

. Some of our foreign friends who were so happy with the designs that they request for a group shot. Cindy was busy painting though...

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