30 September 2010

Dinosaur theme Birthday Party

Had an interesting theme (well at least it's the first time whereby the client requested for dinosaur theme)

And here's the Birthday Boy! Just 7 years old and he tell me the name of this dinosaur he wanted to paint which I've got no idea what the name of this dino is called! Amazing kids nowadays!

I only knew 'Stegosauras' (I knew this spelling is definately wrong, wait til I go and find the spelling before correctly it) And also the Famous T-Rex (OK, I dunno how to spell the 'Tyranosauras' either) and I simply call the 'Flying Dinosaur'.. and T REX!

Here's the pretty mummy! When she told me her age, I was really shocked! She looked 10 yrs younger than her age!
And the $300++ Dinosaur cake! It's very very nicely made.
The 'Spiterfly' is my favourite art for the day!

Youngs girls preferred sticking to flowers than dinosaurs.
Their Philipino helper wanted to be painted too with flowers.. So.. here's something very Philipino style for her too..

A cute Teenager

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