03 July 2010

Singapore River Fest @ ACM

A 2 days and long, late job at Asian Civilisation Musuem. It's based on customised designs related to Chinese (Dragon and Lotus), Malay (Arabian horse and Keris) and Indian (Peacock and Lotus Rangoli)

Very fun day, we had many people painting 'Ang Kong'..
3 Cute friends who turned 'Dragon gang'..


I love taking pictures of handsome guys and pretty babes!!! Hahahhaa

The hot favourite design is the Dragon, followed by Peacock and the Lotus

We had many overseas guests as well as our local ones...

A musical guy from India to perform at River Fest, he wants a guitar to be painted on his arm.

Patrick is busy painting and Welles is busy cutting...

And.. Welles is doing Silhouette cutting :)
('Stolen' these pictures from Welles blog..)

He is one super skillful professional artist, each silhouette cutting is done in 1min! Check out his work! Cool!

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