12 July 2010

World Cup 2010 Face painting at Sentosa Resort World

Our first time at Resort World!!



World cup as per requested by a guy..

Guy wants Dragon... so he got an Uruguay Dragon and I drew a Netherland Dragon on myself...
And the Dragon Ball turned Soccer Ball!
Super hilarious Emcee from.... Indonesia!!

And the next day...

Various football designs and 2 pretty roving models - Mag and Grace (in Spain and Germany colours)

This guy, Super on! Literally had more than half of his face being drawn everyday thru the 4 days of matches!

3rd/4th Placing - GERMANY VS URAGUAY

This is Jason Koh, the Chinese Emcee for World Cup at Resort World, a very fun guy to be with! Like his very straight forward character.


Most supported Germany...

And the Design of the Day! OCTOPUS PAUL!!



This time, I did not paint at the forum area of Resort World, went to the VIP venue instead. The screens are actually in 3D as viewers can wear the 3D specs and watch World Cup in 3D. Cool right? But the screen looks weird if one is not wearing the 3D specs.

VIP venue => VIP treatment... Nice food, Nice drinks, Live band... Pretty ladies...

Pretty roving model with Cool Emcee Jason Koh...

And other guests at the VIP room

And, the VIPs not only have games, bets.. there was also this category of 'Best Dressed Fan'...
So this guy, (Eugene if not wrong) is very on, stripped and got us to paint on his upper torso...

As it's very last min, I've got no idea what to paint at all, plus the limited time before half time whereby the result of the Best Dressed Fan will be out...

I painted a simple Windmill, some tulips, and Netherland flag.. basically the full back.
The Flag face is done by another artist from the agency.


Not a masterpiece and no where near Picasso nor Da Vinci work...
But it's enough for Eugene to be crowned the 'Best (UN)Dressed Fan!'
And he did WON a Brand New IPAD!!! CONGRATES EUGENE!!

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