02 June 2010

Indonesion Concert at Fort Canning

Had a job to do face/body painting as fringe activities for an Indonesian Concert held at Fort Canning.

This job was referred by Welles to his event's friend. Thus I met Welles today as he was doing Silhouette Cutting there!

And... see! I got present! Welles made these queue numbers for me. Being an artist in this events industry for so long, he's not just an expert in his fields - Two Hands Caricaturist, Sihouette/Shadow Cutting.. but also knows bout crowds control well! He passed me this queue cards so that when it's time to cut the queue, I can pass these cards down the queue... Ingenious way! 

No children customers today.. so all the young pretty girls choose flowers and butterflies.. Easy job today :)


1 comment:

  1. Heehee! I just keep low profile la, because a lots jealous people will send ninja to my house ;p

    See you in coming event soon ;p