09 May 2010

Gold Gold Gold!!!

Had a very interesting job today given by a very nice agency which we've worked with during the Animal Kaiser event. The event was held in the morning! We actually woke up at 4am in order to reach the event around 6++am!!!

Here are my 2 paintees - 2 cute guys! Actually they weren't told that they were to be painted in gold. Hahaha..


Only standing there??
No! Not that easy job.. They were busy posing with the never ending crowd!


(Of coz, I must also grab the chance to pose with them!)


Cos they were just so busy!

And more poses from these 2 cute models!

My FAVOURITE Pic of the day!

The Golden Metallic Effect!
(Sometimes, it's really Hao Huo Bu Pian Yi, Pian Yi Mei Hap Huo! Glad that despite the high cost, we still go ahead to get the expensive stuffs!)

The try out at home whereby we used Silver!

1 comment:

  1. Cool! Got chance do for macho men huh!
    Next time while you do for beautiful girls can get me as your assistant, heehee!