13 April 2010

Cherie's 1st Birthday Party

It's Cherie's 1st Birthday Party! We were hired for balloon twisting and facepainting!
As usual unable to upload all the photos due to manpower shortage for camera man.. (Hee hee, we had 2 balloonist and 1 painter for the whole event, but no official camera lah..)

A very nice Mickey mouse theme..

Cute grandma of Cherie who is well versed in Chinese and she loves lotus.. Added some properous goldfishes for her so that she can strike 4D more often :P
A lady who simply loves Owl necklace!

Nice Tweety bird which won praises!!! Quacky Quacky!!! Donald ducky!

There's a kid in everyone of us! (Email me if you would like me to email you the higher quality image)

Moral of the 'story/blog', the services/skills we provided is not just for kids, but adults too!!!

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