29 April 2010

RC Sunday at Peranakan Museum

It's a long day today :) 7 hours!
But we love long hours.. and we give good discounts for hiring long hours!

It's RC Sunday at the Peranakan Musuem. We were to draw Peranakan related motifs.. (Yes, we can cater the designs to your event, just keep us informed of your event early!)

Our company name is even printed on the signage!! (so that also means we have to do extra properly!!! hahahhaha) And Me.. dress in my Peranakan fusion style.. and trying to paint similar flowers to match my dressing..

One of the Peranakan design, Chain of Flowers.. Dragon.. and Cranes...

Hira, nice and sweet staff of Peranakan musuem :) She looks nice in this hairstyle!
And all the various Peranakan motifs

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