04 April 2010

Birthday for Triplets!!!

Was being hired by Mary's friend for 4th year birthday for a set or triplets!
I always envy those with twins and now, here's a set of triplets, so lucky rite? 3 at one go.. Even birthday celebration can be just a big n good one per year!  (But again.. think bout the bringing up.. Faintz...)


This is the triplets' daddy, very nice.. flew back from USA just to celebrate the kids birthday!

And loving dad and a very sweet daughter!
(She's a real darling, sweet and is contented with what she already had, very well behaved!)

Handsome guy! While most of the pics I posted aren't cartoons, actually I DO draw cartoons.. but not among my favourites coz to me, they are more 'time consuming' in terms of the amt of area being drawn with same amount of time to what I paint a full arm of flowers ;p

Most of the kids are boys.. I've got weird cartoons and toys being taken out for me to draw.. Some from Ben 10, another from Power Ranger..


And this picture nothing related to face painting, took the picture coz I like the balloon effects.
Plus, I think I should just give some credits to the daddy and whoever who bought the balloons from a party shop in CentrePoint.. then, with like 100 INFLATED balloons (bout 25 in each hands), WALKED all the way back to their apartments!!!)

And Look at the cakes!!! I love such scenes! Happy family!

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