15 March 2010

Birthday Party at One Degree 15 Marina @ Sentosa Cove

First time to Sentosa Cove, Very nice place, but not accessible for people like us without car..

It's for a 1 yr old Birthday boy at a Latitude Bistro. Very nice place with nice view.. See the boats in the background? A very nice choice and from what I overheard from the host, the food is pretty good for the pricing (buffet).

Anyway, the hosts are a pair of really nice couple. He confirmed the booking only like 1 wk before (yes, he's really lucky that we were free on that slot, based on a 1 wk before the event. As recently, we can be unavilable even when some tried to book us 2+ months before..). Anyway, the couple are really very very nice, polite, and very 'ke qi'..

We were there early and he actually even asked us whether we want to eat or drink as he said "not 12.30 yet..." when we told him we can start already (since we were already there..) He also asked if we need a drink while we are working.. So sweet rite?!?!? (We are there working and we don't expect food or drinks to be provided, plus the client is paying for our service, yet they are so nice..)

Patrick and some of the guests..

A little boy who inisted he wants car. (He actually got another aeroplane on his other arm too..)

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