15 March 2010

Birthday Party at a GCB..

Today, after the party at the Sentosa Cove.. We were hired for face painting and balloon twisting at this GCB (Good Class Bungalow). (Criteria for a Bungalow to be a GCB is that, it must be at least 1,400 Sq Metres AND must fall in one of the 39 designated GCB Areas in SG, there are only bout 2400+ GCBs in SG as report last year..)

It's my first time to a GCB, and the cab driver actually doesn't know where either, we went for some 'rides' trying to find the place, we expect to see some bungalow.. but when we reached the number, we need to double check, coz it's so hugh, even the cab uncle asked "Is this a Church!??"

It's BIG! Even the door was higher then my ceiling (I live on the HDB ground floor and my ceiling is considered high as compared to those living in between the floors for HDB). Inside, the sofa set alone is bigger than my master room. Then, got Grand piano lah, walk-in wine cellar lah, yet still got space in the living room to play badminton. Outside also got swimming pool (with fountain some more..)

Faintz.. No chance to see other places (but I think by the time I finished 'wowing' the house, no more time to do face painting! hahahah)

Again, I think I'm so lucky to have such nice hosts again..
Despite being well to do. The mummy is very cute, no 'air' bout her. Her hubby same too.. nice and polite. Another cute one is actually her father in law. When I first saw him, I thought he looked like the EOS Ads photographer.. Ken Watanabe.. Stylo man! Despite being a grandfather, he's so energetic! And very young at heart! And again, not 'air' bout him is so nice and friendly to everyone!


Greatest love of all..
Daughter wants Hello Kitty but is shy, Daddy then do the Hello Kitty too..

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