23 March 2010

Animal Kaiser Roadshow/Competition at United Square

Was hired for 2 days to have face painting for this Animal Kaiser event at United Square.


As it's more of an animal theme, most of the drawings were related to the game characters (animals)..

Great White Shark, Hippo Barry, African Elephant, Giant Panda, Blue the Young Shark, Florida Bark Scorpion, Special Ops Leo and some rare /special card which I can't find the name in the brochure.. but design was from this little girl's collection of game cards.

Katherine busy painting the lion.. See the really small little icons on the brochures? We really have to squin our eyes to make some head and tail out of them..

Leo, the Lion, Kid the Tiger, Bald Eagle, Orangutan, Golden Eagle and a blue tiger => Siegfried, difficult coz of the colour toning part..
Same too, don't know where they get the special card from, hologram/laser type.. very nice actually. Makes me wanna go and collect some of the cards too!

Patrick at work..

Kid the tiger..

And me against the very nice backdrop of Animal Kaiser!

And, just to share a bit bout the Animal Kaiser competition when 2 finalist are playing..
Great White Shark vesus Leo!
Great White Shark got into some special power/strong/miracle and turned into a Golden Shark..
After 2 rounds, Great White Shark won and become 'The King of Animals'

Suddenly reminds me of my childhood, whereby the nicest computer game was still 'Digger' and 'Alley cat'..
That was a luxury that time when my parents worked so hard, loved us so much to even buy a 286 computer for me when I was in Primary school, a 486 IPC computer in Secondary school..

Btw, just a gentle reminder..
Do book our slots early if you are interested in our services..

During the session, I received a phone enquiry bout booking a face painting session on the same day (Birthday party is like 2+ hrs later this very same day).

While yes, we are fine to accept last minute bookings as long as we are free, in time to get the barangs to rush to the event.. but there are times whereby I have to turn down the booking as the timing clash..

So do book us early if you are interested in our services ok?  ^_^

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