09 February 2010

Singapore Airshow 2010 @ Changi Exhibition Centre

Had a booth at Singapore Airshow 2010 @ CEC, that venue is REALLY Far, Inaccessible and it's like a Scorching hot oven!

Best of all, Limited Passes are given, Same for the car park passes, and even IF you have someone to send you there via public transport, you still have to wait like more than 1 km into the place!!!!

But, it's my first time at the Airshow.. I had of coz bad and good experiences.. Email me for more if you are doing similar events and wants to know more.

Singapore AirShow 2010!!

The booth => Red gazebo looks nice..
But NEVER use RED if you want any tentage! Esp under the hot sun, other than the heat, whatever I see when I paint is also REDISH!

They should just give us a space in the air con section! Self taken photo, I was trying to take a pic of my head in the engine when I finally had the chance to go for toilet break at the end of the day!

Our reddish booth! See the red hue when I'm painting on myself with my left hand for the 1st time! (I'm actually right handed only.. feels so 'retarded' when painting with the left hand..!)

Some of my props for the Airshow booth. All of them have real Swarouski Crystals pasted on them! There was a young girl who insisted on buying the Avatar mask.. But the truth is, I doesn't know how to price it at all as it was just mean to be a prop!

Never mind, next time if any one wants to specially order customised mask, just inform me of your requirements!

The design specially for the SG Airshow!!
(So should you have any specific events, just tell me before hand so that I can try my best to fit to your theme or company logo/motto)

Some other sample, one from the SG Ais Show souvenir booth..
Another is a butcher from Pan Pacific (all the way from Germany!)

Little Girl from Korea (I think)

I like this design a lot! It definately looks very good on big doe-eyed ladies.
A very on lady who opted for black and white roses which looked absolutely Cool! She's got the style to carry the design well. (And me taking photo with her, 2 different style of flower design to suit different personality!)
Busy at work

This is Mary and one of my usual painters, she loves drawing cartoons. (And loves taking pictures too! Quite a number of the photos here are taking by her)
Here's Patrick, he draws cartoons, dragons and stuffs. And he is suffering badly from sun burnt now!!! 

Many many many Thanks to them for their great help and support!!
This is my favourite picture of the Airshow!
(The wordings on the plane is actually Efficient, Reliable... that sounds just like them!!)

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