21 February 2010

CNY celebration at a Condo

Happy CNY!!! It's the 7th day of CNY today! (aka Ren Ri).

Today, we had an event at this Condo, it's an event which consist of Lion Dance 'Cai Qing', Drum Beating Performance, Appearance of the God of Fortune, Balloon Sculpturing.. and of coz Face Painting.  (Note: While face painting is one of our main strong item, we actually organise events too! It includes anything from pop corn to lion dancings too!)

Appearance of the God of Fortune giving Angbaos and Little goodies to the residents.


The Lion is the only creature who can get away when he leaves the place messy after eating, with people admiring the mess he created...
Try that with your mum.. hahahha... ;p

The Power Drum Girls! => The all-girls team drum beating performance which won 'wows' from the residents!


Anyway, some of you might be thinking why do I actually have Lion dancing among my events.. and they are also direct (NOT sub to 3rd party)...

Both my sis and me were in Wushu and Lion Dancing since 1994 actually!!! Hahahah.. Don't look like rite? I know. I took up the acitivity in Sec 3, then continued it in poly... now old already, but still keep in touch with my instructor who is still having lion/dragon dance events! Thus lion/dragon dancing also another in-house item you see? Same for the balloon, it's my sister who is doing today, not sub to 3rd party. She's really good at it!

And, because it's CNY, we even came dressed in Cheong Sams!!

This is Cindy doing balloon sculpturing for the event!

Here's a little baby (10 mths I think). I normally doens't paint on babies, but his parents wanted to take photo of him with a dragon.
A bit stress, coz young babies normally can't stay that still or they might be afraid. I have to draw the dragon as fast as I could.. That took me 1+ mins.. (Anyway, don't you find the baby boy's head looks very adorable and kissable?)

Today, is the first time I painted lion dance...
Pretty successful after the 1st trial, thus more requests coming in..
Here's a young lady, in her Chinese style dress, thus I gave her similar flowers.

Overall, the event was very successful today, in fact so successful that because of the demand of the balloons sculptures and paintings.. We had a little issue. One 1 guy (from 1 of the giants) came up and and started asking the balloon sculpturing artist to further speed up.. he was complaining bout having to queue under the hot sun..

This guy, simply started saying "Can the one doing the balloon speed up? It's so hot and everyone is queueing.. blaa blaa blaa.." off he rants AK47 style.

1stly, we were given that area by the pool side by the client, and we had been working there since the start of the event, with plenty of people surrounding us since it's free for the residents.. It's hot (1pm - 3pm) but aren't the 2 artists even much more uncomfortable under the glass shelter sitting in a confined space surrounded by people?
Being an event entertainer/talent, we have to do/paint quickly to clear the queue, we also do have to ask the child what he/she wants and mingle a bit. What's more I know the standard of my sister, she's really good at balloons. (In fact, within 2 hours, she finished a full pack of the 100 balloons, excluding the heart shape balloons!
She had received lotsa compliments, other than that usual sword and poodles, there were many request for tigers, bears, swans, butterflies, aeroplanes to even snakes!
At the same time, we want quality work (unless you want your party to having everyone the same design, then inform me earlier so that I can make some stamps and start asking everyone to stand in a row and then I go 'chop chop the same angkong'? Or do I have to get the balloon artist to make everyone only 1 sword each?)

NO NO, that's not what we want, neither you will want that too.)

Anyway, I replied something like "Can you please respect us? We are doing our best to clear the queue, and we are working and staying here (this hot place) much longer too. Everyone is queuing at this place too.. Pls respect.. Even if someone is just a cleaner we also have to respect him/her rite...?"

He replied RUDELY, something like "can do faster... hot... long queue.... blaa blaa  (and AK47 continues)"

"Can you please RESPECT.." I said..

and then he continues his ... " can stop talking and do your work (and a string of all other nasty comments, which I can't remembered coz I was still painting a boy.)"

(Apparently not all educated people are civilised. Can our govt screen thru these foreign talents?)

Doesn't know where he gone in a while.. properly out to get my card or complain to the condo management who hired us??

But I'm really glad that a lady who was beside me shook her head and told me that I did the correct thing to tell him off. Same for the surrounding viewers..

Basically, a good majority of the people are really friendly people, with really nice comments bout the paintings/balloons we gave them. But there are also those who took us as 'free labourers ' who owed them something because the service we are providing is FOC.

The long queue under the hot sun during 1-3pm...


For our services, there's always a long queue as it's FOC, there is always another 'last' person after the 'last' person. And when we are already 30 mins overtime, we occasionally get nasty remarks from that last few people when we have to end the queue.

Do you like it if your boss takes you for granted, kept asking you to do for free, starts to complaint that you are not providing enough when you are already working way over time? While we doesn't mind doing some over time in order not to disappoint the children, but there are really times which we have to leave in order not to be late for the next session (else it's un fair for the next client).

Luckily this is the first (hopefully last time) of such incident. We enjoyed bringing joy to people, while we doesn't expect anyone to thank us, just a little smile or a little spark in the eyes of the kids can really make our day!

* Anyway, the incident also shows that people are willing to queue for our services despite that it's under the hot sun! Kek kek!!!

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