10 January 2010

CLAPS! at Heartland AMK

CLAPS! at Heartland AMK cum some celebration of the SYOG! Some nice merchandise of SYOG stuffs selling there too! And many performances! FOC some more.. Magic shows, juggling shows, etc But my face painting booth were blocked by many ppl and can't really see the shows! What a waste ya.. but hey, i should be working anyway! hahaha

Anyway, Mary had some RC function today, thus I had Patrick to help me today! The cartoons below were painted by him..


And now some other pictures..

Webby Spidery Manly..
And a sweet, adorable girl, who told me that I placed my brushes 'wrongly' when I put my brush in a separate hole instead of another hole which I took the brush from.. hahaha

First try at drawing a lotus when this lady requested it.. and I just added 2 little fishes.. one day, I'll draw 'Feng Shui' fishes like 9 fishes on an arm!!! CNY coming in bout 1 mth!
And.. just a naughty me drawing only a dragon head when he requested for a dragon ;p ok. I added 2 legs and the fire ball too (can't see from pic only.. hahaha)

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