15 December 2009

Kids Party at CSC Tessensohn 09

This was one pretty big event at CSC Tessensohn.

I can say that the CSC staffs there were really talented.
They had someone to dress up as Santa Claus, they made life size snowmen, and even those erh.. Phototaking character boards (Dunno what is the correct name for that.. It's those kinda of boards have an empty hole for people to put their face in for phototaking lah..), and goody bags, Mac Donald meal, photos and Lucky draw for EVERY KID..  And balloon sculpturing and of coz.. Face Painting..  All for only $10!!

This is one of my most busy face painting session, 1 painter, and there were like 130 kids.. I drew berries, daisies, roses, spiders, dragon, spiderman face, and tons of butterflies, I didn't bring my camera, just took 3 pics with my phone.

Dunno if it's good or bad, the queue continues after the event ended!!!
Good ~ at least people likes my paintings
Bad ~ always have to overwork a lot more.. suffer from backaches.. etc..

After the staff cleared the barangs, then the cleaning aunties came in to clean all other spaces EXCEPT for the face painting corner..

After like 4 hours of painting.. I finally got myself a drink, simply rinse the brushes first and took a cab back.. And, I got myself another name...


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