06 December 2009

Birthday Party at Sommerville Park Condo Function Room

Today, I was hired for a Birthday Party and I met beauties from 'All over the world'... Sweden, Canada, Swiss, Japan, Scotland, Paris, (can't remember so much, some I forgot to ask..)

The hosts were very friendly, and other than food, goodie bags, etc.. They even prepared a corner for the kids to have fun with creating photoframes! Cute little wooden frames were bought from Ikea, with lotsa die-cut confetti, glitters, stickers, rhinestones, etc.. I almost wanted to join in the fun as thats what I enjoy doing too (but not cleaning part, hee hee..)
Oh, and there were many games, pinata.. and a very nice Chocolate cake!
Kids nowadays are really lucky! Aren't they??

And here's the birthday girl.. 7 years old :) followed by Miss Paris (if I didn't hear wrongly..) and Miss Canada

Normally, we have painting on arms/body and minority on the face... and today, I've got requests for the legs :) Broke another record (my own record only)!


A handful of the the future Miss Universe(s).. Basically, I painted only on girls today.. didn't get a chance to paint on the boys coz somehow, the moment my first paintee is a girl.. the chain continues with ALL flowers/butterfly..

The usual models for 'Batmans, Spidermans, Spiders, Dragons, etc' were busy playing or bursting balloons... hahahha

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