04 October 2009

Hayley's Birthday Party at City Square function foom

Here's a Birthday Party Celebration at City Square function..
(With Special thanks to Mr Ng Kok Ming for emailing me so many nice photos taken by him during the birthday event!)

 It's Hayley's 2nd Birthday!!

 Here's another sample..
The Ben 10 'OMI TRIX..' (as taught by this little boy)
Yes, my time was only Smurfs/Carebear/Mask/UltraMan (but everyone pronouced it as 'automan').. and Mickey & Donald... and the road runner cartoon which forever goes 'BEEP! BEEP!!'

This little girl, is only 8 mths!!! (So much hair for a 8 months old baby..)
She loves anything green! We gave her simple green stars as we were worried that due to her age, she might not be able to stay still for long.. but hey! She did a good job!

Here's 2 really cute sisters.. Kids nowadays are simply brillant.. They can talk to me about anything!

Here are some pics of me at work, again, with special thanks to Mr Ng Kok Ming, a very nice gentleman who took the photos and emailed them to me.. Really really appreciated these photos.. Anyone wants photographer for events??
Seeing all the girls makes me really envy those parents with girls!!! How come I don't have!?!!?! ;(

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