27 September 2009

Pink Room Cup 2009

Katherine took part in PinkRoom Cup Nail competition @ Singapore Expo on the 27th Sep 2009. Mary is the model...

We've just finished the competition!
With the stress over, we were happily taking pictures for keepsake..

This is PinkRoom's Principal presenting the Cert of Participation.
She's Young, Pretty and very Capable!

This guy, Joe.. Is my teacher, he is very funny when taking pictures. But when it comes to his skills... Extension, Nail Art, etc... really 'No horse run'!
Surprisingly, I won 2nd place in Acrylic Extension. Something I never EVEN dare to dream about..

1st in Mixed Media.. Pleasant surprise too, esp when my piece of work is not those very 3D kinda Art as compared to other competitors. (See previous blog for the Mixed Media piece..)

The team of PinkRoom Staffs who made the PinkRoom Cup a success.
Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons...
My model, mummy, my elder boy and me with my Mixed Media after the prize presentation.
My 'En Shi's. Like 'parents' to me in terms of giving me my nail skills.
Ha.. 2 vain women still taking pics despite both of us are 'Pandas'..

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