29 September 2009

Drawing on myself!

OK! Here's me, trying to draw on myself..

Self drawn! Self posed! Self taken photo too!

I'm trying out new paints (Yeah! Expensive ones from UK! Haven't tried out the Neon ones yet though..) partly coz, I wanted to show others the effect of drawing flowers in black (I've got too many samples in sweetie colours..)

PLEASE IGNORE the skills of the flowers being drawn, I'm drawing them on my own body, thus all the angles of holding the brush are just so out!!!

 D&Ds events for anyone? Hahaha... Anyway, I also draw on Brides, ROMs, and Actual Day (both morning and night session) for the Jie Mei(s) / Maid of honour.. etc..
Can either go to the venue, special price for those coming to my house at Bt Batok near MRT (Good for those are going to D&Ds.. , else, you can pass my contacts to your D&D organisers too!!)

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