01 August 2009

Face Painting lesson

My 1st first individual face painting lesson given to a mother, she is my first individual student (coz normally it's more of a group), she took the lesson alone and definately much more intensive.. It's a full course from basic to advance and full/half face lesson.

Here's my participant's daughter, she is a very beautiful big eyed, 4 years old girl.. And she is the practice model for my participant and also the model for my demo. Look how she can pose, potential model/beauty queen..

Look at how serious this young man is, after his mum did the face painting for him, he even added more details on his own.

A demo of how to draw a dragon I did..

The final product- A skeleton face!! But under the white layer of paint is actually a very handsome young man with big round eyes an sharp features!
Here's my participant and her beautiful kids ( I should have taken their pics before the painted faces!), she is a fast learner who can draw beautiful strokes after the 1st lesson. And the reason she took the course is to paint on her kids and for her sis's party!!!

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