28 June 2009

RC Karaoke 1st Anniversary (Who says face/body painting is only for kids?) ;p

This is one of my most fun face painting session, the event was actually a RC holding a celebration for their Karaoke club 1st Anniversary.

Basically, this is their very 1st time having painting done on their body. Everyone were shy initially, but after a while, the crowd gets bigger..

My very first customer for the day...

Some opted for only 1 small design
Some doesn't mind more..

Black/Gold rose, this is the only one whom I managed to ger her to paint black flowers (to match her clothes and pretty face) I'm glad that she like it!
This cute uncle is the last and only male customer who wants to be drawn during the event, he wanted a Dragon. I hope that doesn't look like a snake!!

Rose (the lady's name) wanted roses to be painted :) She is one daring darling!!!

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