06 November 2018

We are now known as Kreative Kreations!

Dear all,

Little Crystal Paints is now known as Kreative Kreations

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For inquiries, please email us sales@kk.com.sg

Thank you!

22 February 2013

Little Crystal Paints Services

A Mini Update of our services or some of the jobs done..
Please visit our Facebook for more details...

We always aim to provide quality services for you and your clients and guests.
There are always cheaper sources by cheaper artists/students.

If you have a budget, just keep us informed how much cheaper you prefer.
There will always be choices for various artists..
The difference is just $20-$50 difference for the 1st hr, sub hrs is the same.
Alternatively, we sell Professional body paints in Singapore too!

Professional Glitter Tattoo kits, Hair Blings, various crafts materials are available for sales for organisations with many manpower.

Face Painting and Body Art at Ku De Ta Singapore MBS

Face Painting for NDP at Esplanade

Body Art and Nail Art for Roberto Cavalli Launch @ Sephora

Decorative Body Art for various events

Body Painting in Singapore @ Night Safari - Wild About Cats

Body Art for Avant Garde fashion models

Customised Glitter Tattoo Art for Product Launch

Body Art for Wine Lady

Hair Blings (Available for sales too)

Various Crafts, Customised Art and Workshops

Customised Stencils and Glitter Tattoo

Perfume Bar

Finally, we do provide discounts for multiple services or multiple hrs.

There is always a choice to get a quality provider at $20 - $100 more for the 1hr - 6hrs worth of services..
After dividing the costs into the hrs being served by the amount of artist(s), the difference is just a few dollars to less than $20 per hr!

Thus do ask yourself if it's worth risking your company's reputation or child's party for that $50 difference?

27 March 2012

Hi friends and fellow artists,

Please visit www.facebook.com/kreativekreations.sg (and like the page)

We are sorry about not updating this site.. There are about 200 postings (with almost a thousand  photos!) and it's getting troublesome to view everything page-by-page.

But, we are still offering great services for various events from birthday parties, community events, to major events in shopping centres, etc

Our services includes
Face / Body Art
UV body painting
Full Body Painting
FX makeup and paintings
Crystal Hair Blings
Nail Art Workshop and Booths (by award winning nail technicians)
Balloon Sculpturing
Glitter and Shimmer Tattoo (UV version available)
Airbrush Tattoo
Mobile/Gadgets decorations
Roving Polaroid Giveaway

Pebble Art (workshops and customised gifts)
Sand Art (customised Sandart designs available in 3 various sizes)
Rubber Art
Mask Painting
Pin Badges (workshop and customised favours)
Cupcake Decorations
Pandan Rosettes
and many other customised crafts/workshops

Have a nice day!

31 December 2011


Thank you for visiting our site.
We have decided to stop updating every details of our job here.. Due to various reasons such as..
It's really really cumbersome for you to keep scrolling the pages next page and next page..
Facebook is more widely being used by most..
Some of the pictures are being too easily used by other artists (and not authorised by us)

We are trying to redo and combine the photos into Facebook.
But apparently, it's a feat to do it due to the thousands of pictures and details here..
Thus, please click on 'Older post' to view more samples or job which are not found in Facebook yet..

Little Crystal Paints is selling TAG face and body paints in Singapore now!

17 December 2011

Glitter Tattoo @ TPM

It's Night Fest @ TPM... And it's Glitter Tattoo this time.. Here's a Glitter Tatt I did on myself, for the sake of fun as Christmas is just round the corner!


11 December 2011

DIY your own Christmas Deco balls @ Singapore Botanical Garden

We were actually hired to do Pebble art by an event agency who saw us doing Pebble art during CLAPS @ AMK some time back, but Katherine suggested Christmas ball deco art instead..

So here we are at Singapore Botanical Garden :)


This activity is well received by people of various races, ages..


 Be it children, teenagers and adults...whether to help to tie the balls...

Or to take picture of their darling's masterpiece..


Or to paint and complete the project with their kids..


We also have talented artist from local...


And overseas... Here's a gentleman from Taiwan... (he graduated from Art school in Taiwan) and he is glad to join in this activity..